811 Jay St.

Haupt Brother’s Recreation – circa 1940s. Matchbook – front.

Haupt Brother’s Recreation – matchbook, back.

Haupt Brother’s Recreation – matchbook, inside.

Shipbuilders Service Club – circa 1940s. Matchbook, front.

Shipbuilders Service Club – matchbook, back.

Shipbuilders Service Club – matchbook, inside cover.

American Legion – 2010. At this site since the early 1950’s. What is the American Legion? Click on this link to find out:   American Legion

American Legion – circa 1960’s. The “Cherry Sisters” performing in their one-of-a-kind show. Photo courtesy of Micheal Novak & Teresa Marker.

American Legion – July 18th, 2012 – New front paint. Photo courtesy of Michael Novak.