924 Commercial St.

Milwaukee House – 1905. Anton Kolbeck and his family ran the tavern and boarding house from 1905 until 1944. Photo courtesy of Matt Lambries/Manitowoc County Historical Society. Used by permission of the Mackey Family.

Milwaukee House Hotel & Tavern – 1905. Standing in the doorway is Anton Kolbeck with his son Clarence. To the right is Anton’s father, Frank, standing under the Schreihart Beer sign. Photo used by permission of the Mackey Family.

Ralph’s Bar Sign – circa early 1950’s. This sign was recently found behind some bar shelving at Bud’s. Photo courtesy of Matt Lambries.

Ralph Karlin – circa 1950’s . Ralph in the back row on the left, owned Ralph’s Bar, from 1950-54. Charles Karlin front row, left and William Karlin to Ralph’s right. Photo courtesy of Paul Karlin

Bud’s Bar – Matchbook, circa 1960’s. Photo courtesy of Matt Lambries.


Bud’s Bar – May 1st, 1967. Bud has been the owner of this bar since July of 1963, though the street is now called Maritime Drive.

Bud’s Bar – 1967.

Bud’s Bar – Sign recognizing the tavern for being a “Union House” by the Bartender’s International League of America. Photo courtesy of Matt Lambries.

Bud’s Bar – August 1967. From the Soo Line Depot looking east down Commercial St. Bud’s “Schlitz” bar sign is visible on the left side of the street.

Bud’s Bar – 1972. The corner of N. 10th and Commercial St. looking north. Photo courtesy of Manitowoc Police Dept. files.







Bud’s Bar – circa 1980’s. Maggie Litersky tending bar – notice the red wall paper that covered all the bar mirrors. Photo courtesy of Michael Novak.

Bud’s Bar – 2009.

Bridgeview Bar – 2012 marked the end of the Bud’s Bar era and the                 beginnning of a new era with the opening of the Bridgeview Bar. Photo courtesy of Michael Novak.