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Directory of Manitowoc Taverns

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Tavern NameAddress
2 C's Inn2015 Marshall
3 T's2202 Marshall
Addison House801 S. 13th
Al & Kate's3713 Calumet
Alex's702 Buffalo
Alice's Gast Haus1021 Franklin
American Legion811 Jay
Americanna527 N. 10th/605 York
Anchor Inn1018 S. 10th
Andy's1213 Wash.
Angelo's714 Buffalo
Aquarium Bar819 Wash.
Arcade807 Quay
Armored KnightMid Cities Mall
Arndt's1301 Franklin
Arnie & Lila's1502 Clark
Art's 151 Club6124 Calumet Ave.
Assembly1134 S. 10th
Attic (New)204 N. 8th
Audrey & Sil's1000 Wash.
Auermiller's1301 Franklin
Babilonia1802 Wash.
Bachy's2016 Marshall
Backus2016 Marshall
Badger901 Chicago
Bailey's3713 Calumet
Balto's (Alex)716 Jay
Barkhahn's1236 S.10th
Barn705 Chicago
Barn Tavern702 Buffalo
Beatie's717 Wash.
Becker's Beer Garden2001 Hamilton
Bee & Gee1112 Wash.
Beer's Buffet808 S. 8th
Beitzel's1107 S. 10th
Belmont1112 Wash.
Ben's701/703 York
Beneath the Street707 Wash.
Bergner's702 Buffalo
Big Jim's707 Wash.
Bill & Dot's1000 Wash.
Bill's1502/1516 Clark
Bindert's1000 Wash.
Black & Blue Underground2016 Marshall
Blackie's1915 Wash.
Black Rail Lounge204 N. 8th
Blitz & Schmitt714 Buffalo
Blue Bird2201 Marshall
Blue Ribbon1216 Wash.
Bob & Gladys'401 N. 10th
Bob & Helen's504 Commercial
Bob's Corner1402 Wash.
Bob's Welcome Inn2015 Marshall
Bohman's Beer Garden1202 S. 10th
Bonin's Buffet4708 Menasha
Bowl Tavern1107 S. 10th
Braunie's1213 Wash.
Brennan's1112 Wash.
Brick's812 York
Bridgeview2 Maritime Drive
Brita Center902 York
Broadway1036 S. 10th
Brothers II1602 Wash.
Browny's1112 Wash.
Browny and Jerry's714 York
Brull's Badger Bar901 Chicago
Bubble Inn3702 Calumet
Bud's924 Commercial (2 Maritime Drive)
Budycz (Lucyan)2001 Hamilton
Buffalo Inn816 Buffalo
Bull Pen214 N. 8th
Burish's (Wenzel)2016 Marshall
Bushy's Bar2016 Marshall
Calumet2610 Calumet
Cape Cod Inn (Al's)1228 Memorial Drive
Capitol Bar719 Jay
Capitol Hotel & Tavern719 Jay
Capone's Pub1036 S. 10th
Capone's Saloon204 N. 8th
Cardinal806 Buffalo
Carl's Place1021 Franklin
Carol's Hide A Way707 Wash.
Cellar2016 Marshall
Champ's806 Buffalo
Charlie's214 N. 8th
Cherry's Place1134 S. 10th
Chewy's215 N. 8th St.
Chobot's705 Chicago
Christel's801 S. 13th
Clark St. Inn1516 Clark
Cliff's605 York
Club Pocos214 N. 8th
Clyde's712 York
Coach Lite Inn4709 Menasha
Colonial Inn1001 S. 8th
Columbia Hotel1103 S. 10th
Columbian House810 Chicago
Commodore611 Franklin
Cooper's1502 Madison
Corral Bar807 Quay
Court Bar819 Wash.
Court Cafe1001 S. 8th
Courthouse Pub1001 S. 8th
Cozy Inn (Hoot & Ev)707 York/715 Buffalo
Daddy O's1021 Franklin
Dan's Welcome Inn2015 Marshall
Daniel's806 Buffalo
Danielson's (George)702 Water
Dave's717 Wash.
Dave's Den712 York
Dave's Dungeon1144 S. 21st
Days of Wine & Roses825 S. 8th
Del's Cardinal (see Cardinal)806 Buffalo
Del's Modernistic929 S. 13th
Del's Welcome Inn2015 Marshall
Dempsey's724 Commercial
Denk's916 Chicago
De Noyer Bar1213 Wash.
Dexter's929 S. 10th St.
Digger Dave's714 Buffalo
Doc's1144 S. 21st
Doghouse3713 Calumet
Doghouse Tavern527 N. 10th
Dottie's Mistake411 N. 8th
Dottie's Rooster Inn717 Wash.
Dottie's Satellite Rm.717 Wash.
Downrigger1402 S. 14th
Dreamer's1213 Wash.
Drop Zone214 N. 8th
Dugout1021 Franklin
Dutch MillRt. 2/Memorial Drive
Eagle's Club823 Hamilton
East 40Mid Cities Mall
Ed's1502 Madison
Eddie's717 Wash.
Edna's3713 Calumet
Ed Weinshenk's319/ 912 Washington
Elbow Room702 Buffalo
Electric KnightMid Cities Mall
Ella's (Svacina)624 Commercial
Emily and Jim's1502 Clark
Empire Buffet902 S. 10th
Endries2016 Western
Erma's602 Commercial
Erv's1516 Clark
Evo's1915 Wash.
Evo and Ron's1915 Wash.
Farmer's Hotel916 Chicago
Fat Champs807 Quay
Fat Seagull807 Quay
Felix the Cat's1144 S. 21st
Fencil's705 Chicago
FIB's916 Chicago
Five O'Clock Club935 S. 8th
Foam716 Jay
For K's1112 Wash.
Four Horsemen901 Buffalo
Fourplay1502 Madison
Fred's1802 Wash.
Fricke's712 York
Friendly Bar2016 Marshall
Frisch's1036 S. 10th/605 York
Fritz's Tavern1107 S. 10th
Full Moon Saloon714 York
Gallery Lounge714 Buffalo
Gary's Getaway2015 Marshall
Gaslight Lounge401 N. 10th
Gay Bar (Gordon Barner)935 S. 8th/1208 Wash.
General Quarters1144 S. 21st
George's1301 Franklin
German House935 S. 8th
Gilly's401 N. 10th
Glenn & Marge's2015 Marshall
Glenn's835 S. 15th
Glenn's Tap3713 Calumet
Glenn Inn810 Commercial
Glisch's2611 Marshall
Glisch's Buffet1802 Wash.
Golddigger's924 Wash.
Good Times1134 S. 10th
Gothum City902 York
Goudreau's504 Commercial
Green Bay Hotel810 Chicago
Green Bay House810 Commercial
Green St.1801 S. 10th
Gumby's1216 Wash.
Haese's(See Dan Haese's)
Hamel's935 S. 8th
Hamilton House1202 S. 10th
Hammy's215 N. 8th
Handl's1802 Washington
Hank's1134 S. 10th
Hansen's Happy Hr.216 N. 10th
Happy Daze216 N. 10th
Happy Hour1144 S. 21st
Harborside701 York
Harold & Elaine's Welcome Inn2015 Marshall
Harry's2016 Marshall
Hartl & Thielen1010 S. 10th
Hartwig's1402 Wash.
Hasenjager's (Jack)1107 S. 10th
Haupt Bros.811 Jay
Haver's902 S. 14th
Herb's717 Wash.
Herb's Anchor Inn801 S.13th
Herman's (Alex)902 S. 10th
Herman's (Anna/ Ed)1236 S. 10th
Herman's Too1202 S. 10th
Herzog's Beer Hall809 S. 8th
High Tymes1802 Wash.
Hi Life714 Buffalo
Hilltop2202 Marshall
Hi Way Tavern2611 Marshall
Hob's714 Buffalo
Homer's1915 Wash.
Hook's818/819 Wash.
Hook's Emporium1103 S. 10th
Hoot & Ev's (Cozy Inn)715 Buffalo/707 York
Hopp's Arcade807 Quay
Hotel Hay (Palm Room)825 S. 8th
Hotel Howard825 S. 8th
Hotel Manitowoc204 N. 8th
Hubert Maertz809 Jay
Huebner's (Edwin)816 Jay
Hynek's TavernRapids Rd.
Inlaws901 Buffalo
Interior216 N. 10th
Irene's1134 S. 10th
J.D.'s Lounge825 S. 8th
J.H. Spud's712 York
Jack's819 Wash.
Jack's Beer Garden2001 Hamilton
Jack's R Better214 N. Rapids Rd.
Jack's Tavern1107 S. 10th
Ja Da Lounge & Supper Club204 N. 8th
Jade Palace1103 S. 10th
Jagodinsky's (Alex/ Homer )1915 Wash.
Jarn Tex Mex Grill & Bar901 Chicago
Jean & Lloyd's902 S. 14th
Jeffrey's (Robert)1021 Franklin
Jerry's2016 Marshall/714 York
Jerry's Inn705 Chicago
Jimmy's Bar2016 Marshall
Jimmy O's3713 Calumet
John's Rendezvous707 Wash.
John's Stop & Go902 S. 10th
Johnny's Juke Joint916 Chicago
John Paul's2015 Marshall
Johnson's (Willard)1018 S. 10th
Jon's Tap216 N. 10th
K & M's Welcome Inn2015 Marshall
Kamm's Tap1202 S. 10th
Katie's Tap116 N. 9th
Katsy and Fritzie's2201 Marshall
Keg703 York St.
Ken's Welcome Inn2015 Marshall
Kenny's1216 Wash.
Kenny B's1216 Wash.
Kerscher's812/814 York
Kewaunee House(see Ella's)
Kick Back Saloon1107 S. 10th
Kliment's (Louie)705 Chicago
Knights of Columbus902 York
Knipp's (John)2015 Marshall
Knucklehead's3713 Calumet
Kohlmeyer's (Ben)602 Water/701 York
Kolbeck's (Walter & Judy)1036 S. 10th
Kono's1018 S. 10th/1021 Franklin
Koral's921 S. 10th
Kornely's714 York
Kossuth House901 Buffalo
Kowalski's (Bernard)1502 Madison
Krishna (Coffee House)411 N. 8th
Lakeside Hotel & Tavern611 Franklin
Lakeview Hotel504 Commercial
Lambries1710 Western
Lang's Lounge
807 Quay/825 S. 8th/1213 Wash.

Lange's Lounge & Grill214 N. 8th
Larsen & Kabat816 Buffalo
Last Call1134 S. 10th
Lee's (Lee J. Sturm)2016 Western
Left End214 N. 8th
Legend Larry's712 York / 921 S. 10th
Linda & Joe's Anchor Inn801 S. 13th
Linda's Chicago St. Inn916 Chicago
Lindemann & Stoeger1802 Wash.
Linebacker527 N. 10th
Linger1802 Wash.
Lloyd's714 Buffalo
Lochmann's (Alex)605 York
Locker Room712 York
Loef's Spa929 S. 10th
Lord Rumbottoms2001 Hamilton
Lu's3713 Calumet
Lucille & Bill's Doghouse527 N. 10th
Lucy's1213 Wash.
M & B Happy Hour (Open fall 2014)1144 S. 21st
Ma's Place1134 S. 10th
MaertzHubert (See Cozy Inn)
Magic Bar707 Wash.
Mahnke's (Fred)1107 S. 10th
Mahnke's (Walter)714 Buffalo
Ma Jago's2201 Marshall
Malcolm's901 Chicago
Malt Shoppe707 Wash.
Manhattan Club401 N. 10th
Manitou Bar4708 Menasha
Manitowoc Motor Hotel (See Hotel Manitowoc)204 N. 8th
Manitowoc Opera House411 N. 8th
Marek's916 Chicago
Marilyn's3713 Calumet
Mark & Alice's1027 N. 42nd St.
Mark & Alice's Family Affair605 York St.
Mary's Welcome Inn2015 Marshall
Matte's605 York
MC3714 York
Meany's (Clement J.)116 N. 9th
Meisner's (Chas.)1134 S. 10th/605 York
Meyer's (Henry)216 N. 10th
Mike's (Stryzewski)2315 Wash.
Mike's Buffalo Inn806 Buffalo
Mike's Welcome Inn2015 Marshall
Miles'1000 Wash.
Milt's703 York
Milwaukee House924 Commercial (2 Maritime Drive)
Minkel's Hot Spot1112 Wash.
Mister Braun's1213 Wash.
Monnie's Buffalo Inn816 Buffalo
Moore’s Irish Pub811 Jay
Morgue/Wayne Manor902 York
Mr. E'ZZ924 Wash.
Murphy's1134 S. 10th
Music Bar705 Chicago
Music Box705 Chicago
Mustang Sally's1144 S. 21st
My Cousin's Place916 Chicago
My Tavern1202 S. 10th
Naidy's (Ignatz)2016 Marshall
Nehl's (Elizabeth)819 Wash.
New Opera House411 N. 8th
Nick's1502 Madison
Norb's Tap1208 Wash.
Normandie Tavern702 Buffalo
North House426 N. 9th
Northwestern House902 S. 14th
Novak's (Chas.)1005 Wash.
Novy's (Henry)215 N. 8th
Nowhere914 S. 14th St.
Ollendorf's901 Chicago
One More Bar924 Wash.
Orville's1000 Wash.
Our World2315 Wash.
Owl Saloon215 N. 8th St.v
Palace924 Wash.
Papa Joe's1144 S. 21st
Paradise1022 Wash.
Parent's1018 S. 10th/809 Jay
Park View1108 Washington
Pasco's Pub216 N. 10th
Pat & Jerry's Bar707 Wash.
Pat & Mike's2201 Marshall
Pat's Tap Room216 N. 10th
Peanut's2016 Marshall
Peaschek's (Ed)( See Ed's )
Pekel's (Joseph)707 Wash.
Pekel's Colonial Inn(See Colonial Inn)
Pekulik's (Chas.)1502 Madison/605 York
Pelishek's (Leonard)602 Water
Peter's1036 S. 10th
Pfeffer's215 N. 8th
Pheasant Bar924 Wash.
Pic's929 S. 10th St.
Pier One2016 Marshall
Pilster's (Fred)1502 Madison
Pink Spot1036 S. 10th
Pits1018 S. 10th
Poby's1502 Clark
Pokorski's (Anton)605 York
Polish Phil's2201 Marshall
Polivka's (Louis)215 N. 8th
Polka Dot Tavern702 Buffalo
Poorhouse901 Chicago
Poor Willie's924 Commercial
Pretz's924 Commercial
Pribek's1018 S. 10th
Ralph's924 Commercial (2 Maritime Drive)
Randy's1915 Wash.
Rasputin's935 S. 8th
Rathskellar411 N. 8th
Ray & Erma's (See Erma's)602 Commercial
Ray's602 Commercial
Ray's Wonder Bar1000 Wash.
Red Fox825 S. 8th
Red Garter908 Wash.
Reimer's (Peter)1502 Clark
Reinert's1213 Wash.
Remember When719 Jay
Replay1502 Madison
Revolinsky's (Henry)902 S. 10th
Revolutions902 York
Richard's Club807 Quay
Richard Smith's702 Buffalo
Riederer Saloon1202 S. 10th
River's Edge Hotel504 Commercial
Riverside116 N. 9th
Robin'z Hood806 Buffalo
Rock-n-Blues Haus939 S. 8th
Rock Cellar2016 Marshall
Rocky's702 Buffalo
Rod's901 Buffalo/1402 Wash.
Rohrer's (Francis)2016 Marshall
Rooster Inn717 Wash.
Rosy's527 N. 10th
Royal Tavern1144 S. 21st
Rutherford's Bar & Grill214 N. 8th
Ryan's On York712 York
S & S Inn3713 Calumet Ave.
Saduske (George)1010 S. 10th
Saduske Bros.1602 Wash.
Sadusky's Buffet1602 Wash.
Saenger Hall707 Wash.
Sandy's2016 Marshall
Saucy's1915 Wash.
Schaff's (Henry)426 N. 9th
Schindler House819 Wash.
Schneider's902 S. 14th
Schooner's Pub1602 Wash.
Schuette's Corner4708 Menasha
Schultz's (Fred)1516 Clark
Schumacher's901 Buffalo
Scorpion Bar N Grill214 N. 8th
Second Place801 S. 13th
Seitz (Delmer)(See Seitz Recreation Center)927/929 S. 13th
Seitz (Harold)703 York
Seitz Recreation Center927/929 S. 13th
Sepnieski's901 Chicago
Shack('s)1301 Franklin
Shambo Pub707 Wash.
Shananigan's1107 S. 10th
Sherman's Bar & Hotel924 Commercial
Sherman's Linger Bar1802 Wash.
Shirley & Art's1018 S. 10th
Shooter Malone's901 Buffalo
Shoot the Bull806 Buffalo
Showtime Lounge825 S. 8th
Silver Creek TavernS. 10th
Silver Lake HotelHigh. 31(151)
Simon's712 York
Skinny Dip Inn1107 S. 10th
Skwor's712 York
Smith's (Richard)702 Buffalo
Sneeker's2015 Marshall
Some Other Place825 S. 8th
Sonny's Belmont (See Belmont)1112 Wash.
South Tenth St. Tavern1018 S. 10th
Spa1022 Wash.
Sport's Page2016 Marshall
Sportmen's504 Commercial
Sportsman1502 Madison / 605 York St.
Sportsman's215 N. 8th
Stage Door Pub (Kathie's)701 Franklin
Star Hotel (See Pat's Tap)216 N. 10th
Stark's Stumble Inn816 Jay
Stein1213 Wash.
Stevie Ray's902 S. 14th
Sting901 Buffalo
Stop & Go Inn902 S. 10th
Studio 8939 S. 8th
Stueber's House of Bowling927/929 S. 13th
Summer Garden Saloon1236 S. 10th
Supper Club3702 Calumet
Sweikar's (Arthur)806 Buffalo
Swing Inn1000 Wash.
Swokowski's (John)2016 Marshall
Tadych's (Anna)1018 S. 10th
Tadych's (Casimir)714 Buffalo
Tadych's (Frank)924 Wash.
Tenth St. Beer Garden1202 S. 10th
Ten Twenty One Club1021 Franklin
Terp's Too3713 Calumet
Terrace Gardens411 N. 8th
Teteak Bros.916 Chicago
The Club214 N. 8th
The Pub825 S. 8th
The Ship602 Commercial
The Spot703 York/1036 S. 10th
Thielen's (Peter)935 S. 8th
Thomas' (John)1502 Clark
Three Ten's Tavern1010 S. 10th
Tijuana Rose1202 S. 10th
Tim's Tap1208 Wash.
Tip Top Tap2202 Marshall
TJ's1502 Clark
Toledo House714 York
Tollie's801 S. 13th
Tom & Jerry's1502 Clark
Tommy's204 N. 8th St.
Tony's1144 S. 21st
Tony's215 N. 8th
Tony's Welcome Inn2015 Marshall
Top Hat Lounge1421 S. 39th
Tower Tavern602 Water
Towne House (Harold Visser)214 N. 8th
Tracy Hotel1036 S. 10th
Tradewinds1107 S. 10th
Tropics1802 Wash.
Tug Boat Annie's2016 Marshall
Tyler's921 S. 10th
Uncle Thirsty's215 N. 8th/1216 Wash.
Unicorn1018 S. 10th St.
Union Tavern1000 Wash.
Van's426 N. 9th / 527 N. 10th
Velicer's (Wenzel)921 S. 10th
Vern's3702 Calumet
Vet's Club902 York
Vic's2611 Marshall
Vic's2201 Marshall
Vices1216 Wash.
Virginia Tavern (See Erma's)602 Commercial
Wallstreat Grill901 Buffalo
Wally's215 N. 8th
Wally's Linger Bar1802 Wash.
Wally's Toledo House714 York
Washington House1014 Wash.
Washington Station924 Wash. /1802 Washington
Webby's811 Jay
Weber's Steak House702 Buffalo
Wedge3713 Calumet
Weinschenk's319/ 912 Washington
Welcome Inn2015 Marshall
Wellhoefer's Sea Grill1103 S. 10th
Wenzel's Perfect World3920 Calumet
Wergin's1502 Madison/602 Water
Western Frontier2016 Western
Westfield Bar1710 Western
Whine Cellar707 Wash.
White Birch1505 Washington
White Eagle1602 Wash.
White Eagle2015 Marshall
Who's Inn916 Chicago
Whoo's Inn916 Chicago
Why Not?712 York
Woodin Nickle929 S. 10th
Woody's2315 Wash.
Woznick's714 Buffalo
Yesterdays204 N. 8th
Zeno & Lil's1107 S. 10th
Zig's Welcome Inn2015 Marshall
Zinger's1216 Wash.