Growing Up in the 50s

Recollections of John Budan – Growing up in Manitowoc during the 1950’s.

John Budan grew up in Quarry (now a ghost town) between Collins and Valders. His family moved to Manitowoc in 1952 and he attended various schools in the city until 1959 (leaving after a stint at Lincoln High School).  He joined the U.S Army and then worked as a merchant seaman on the Great Lakes, which brought him back to Manitowoc quite often. He lived in Paris for several years and in various locations in the western US. He became an RN and received a Master’s degree in psychology from the University of Texas. He is a retired psychiatric nurse counselor and resides in the rural community of Newberg, Oregon. He has written a history of Quarry and likes to pen history “vignettes” of which several are offered below.

Going Downtown 1955 by John Budan

McKinley School by John Budan

Medusa Challenger by John Budan

Who Stole the Keeshka? by John Budan


Lewd & Lascivious Behavior by John Budan

Quitting Time by John Budan


No References Required by John Budan


Going to the Show by John Budan



Car Ferry Tourism by John Budan

Rock and Roll Bars by John Budan

John Budan’s sister, Judy at Port Sandy Bay, circa 1956.

Hangouts by John Budan