908/912 Washington St.

912 Washington St.

Photo of Washington St. looking west from the 800 block toward the 900 block. Ed Weinschenk would have been the proprietor of the tavern located at 912 Washington in the present location of the Washington St. Antique Mall (910 Washington). This property would have housed two businesses at 912/910. 910 was the location of a barbershop operated by the nephew of Ed. In the 900 block there is a long white banner on the right side of the street which is displayed in front of the tavern for some type of celebration happening. Photo circa 1896 and provided courtesy of Joe Breeze at Marin Museum of Bicycling at mmbhof.org.

Detail of photo above – Banner in front of tavern at 912 Washington St. in German translated as: “Here we drink and laugh, no-one will die of thirst; I will take good care of the singers, because I am one myself.” Photo credit: Joe Breeze – Marin Museum of Bicycling – mmbhof.org.

908 Washington St.

The Red Garter – Friday, March 12, 1965 – ad. Image used by permission of Herald Times Reporter/Gannett.com

The Red Garter – circa 1970’s – matchbook, front.

The Red Garter – circa 1970’s – matchbook, back.

Red Garter Cocktail Lounge – circa 1970. On the left of the building is the Guest House Inn sign and just to the right of that is the sign for the Red Garter. Postcard courtesy of Michael Novak & Teresa Marker.

Red Garter – circa late 1960’s – mid 70’s. The original sign from the Red Garter Cocktail lounge. Photo courtesy of Steve Gauthier