504/602 Commercial St.

504 Commercial

Lakeview Bar – circa early 1940s. Matchbook, front.

Lakeview Bar – matchbook, back.

Lakeview Hotel – ad from a 1950 phone book.

Lakeview Hotel – 1954. This would have been known as Bob & Helen’s Lakeview Hotel at this time. The building is at the far end of the first block on the left. Because this is a detail of a larger photo the resolution is reduced, but if you look close, you can see the overhanging bar sign on the corner. The map page gives the approximate location for where this building stood.

Sportmen’s Bar – circa 1956, matchbook, front.

Sportmen’s Bar – matchbook, back.

Sportmen’s Bar – matchbook, inside.

602 Commercial

Virginia Tavern – Friday, June 10, 1938. This ad appeared in the Manitowoc Sun-Messenger.

Virginia Tavern – circa late 1930’s-early 40’s. Image courtesy of Mike Duescher.

The Ship – Friday, January 5, 1940 – ad. Image used by permission of Herald Times Reporter/Gannett.com

Virginia Tavern – Friday, June 5, 1942 – ad. This ad appeared in the Manitowoc Sun Messenger.

Commercial St. – Fall 1954. Ray Boehm’s tavern is on the left corner at the end of the first block.

Erma’s Bar as it appeared in 1970. This bar was operated by the Boehm family from the late 30’s until 1977.

Erma’s Bar – 1977. After this fire the business was closed and the building was torn down. Photo courtesy of Joe Gauthier.