1502 Madison St.

1502 Madison – circa 1900. Image used by permission of Herald Times Reporter/Gannett.com

Wergin’s Tavern – May, 7, 1937. Ad – Manitowoc Sun-Messenger.

Pilster’s Tavern – July 2, 1937. Ad – Manitowoc Sun-Messenger.

Sportsman Tavern – August 25, 1939. Ad – Manitowoc Sun-Messeger.

Sportsman’s Tavern – circa late 1930s/early 1940s – token, front. Image courtesy of Tom Casper.

Sportsman’s Tavern – bar token, back. Image courtesy of Tom Casper.

Ed’s Bar (Peaschek) – Ashtray, circa late 1940’s-early 50’s. The 4 digit phone number appeared in city directory during this time period. After ’55 they added one number before the 4 digits – Ed’s became 4-9849. Photo courtesy of Matt Lambries.

Ed’s Bar – circa 1950’s-early 60’s. A wall plaque/thermometer. Photo courtesy of Michael Novak.

Nick’s Bar – 1987. Photo courtesy of Roger Nickels.

Nick’s Bar – 1985 – Wis. Arch. & Hist. Inventory – This image cannot be copied without the written permission of the Wisconsin State Historical Society.

Nick’s Bar – Sunday, April 4th, 2004, article. Courtesy of Roger & Judi Nickels/Herald Times Reporter/Gannett.com

Replay – 2009.

Replay – November 22, 2011. Steve Gauthier, owner, behind the bar.

The Replay Bar, January 2016. Steve Gauthier and family operated this tavern from April 20th, 2004 until Friday, May 13th 2016.

1502 Madison - Replay Cropped

Fourplay – is the new tavern that opened in late summer 2016 after the closing of the Replay. This ad appeared in the Lakeshore Entertainer newspaper on September 8th, 2016. A tip o’ the hat to Michael Novak for sending in the ad.